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Secure you Website with an SSL Certificate Protecting Visitor
Protect Visitor transactions and data with Encryption.
Affordable SSL Certificates that gives you reliable website security.
Multiple SSL Certificate plans to choose from that are secure.

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If you collect any type of data from your website visitors, you need to consider purchasing an SSL Certificate.

Your visitors, prospects, and customers are on their guard. These savvy Internet users are wary of Websites and on-line businesses that aren't what they claim to be, and worried that their personal and financial Information might fall into the wrong hands. Turn your customers concerns into a competitive advantage with the iron-clad protection of a SSL Certificate - Secure Certificate Encryption. A Secure Sockets Layer, SSL Certificate verifies the identity of the website and allows website users to send and receive information securely by data encryption.
The key to a Secure Ecommerce Website is having SSL Certificates Security Solutions.
Purchase your SSL Certificate Plan for website security today.
Website Design
Our firm offers a wide range of Website Design Services including Design, Layout, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Name Registration - Reliable Web Hosting Services. We can create an exciting website design for your business, displaying your products or services to the world.

If anyone wants to save money, they can use our website design tools to build their website. The software is user friendly and can have anyones basic website up in hours.
Contact us if you would like us to design a website, otherwise click on Build your own site for more information.
or Contact Us at 630-853-5289 or by email
Looking for Domain Names or Domain Names Registration?
The domain name is the main focus of your Internet identity. The importance of having your own domain name is an essential issue for your business. The truth is that it is the same as branding your business, products or services.

Choosing a domain name to register is important and having a domain name that is simple and memorable helps people find you. Take the time to think about the best domain name that matches you or your business. Most searches are done using major topics, so if your site's most popular keyword is within the domain name itself, that site has a greater chance of being listed near the top of search engines.

It is a reasonable idea to register variations of your domain names, including different spellings and product names. There are many reasons for this but most importantly to ensure that these unused domain names don't end up in the hands of competitors. If these domain names are set up correctly people attempting to search for your site and by accident enter a variation of your domain name, they will still find your website as a result. Remember owning multiple domain names can improve your search engine rankings and is considered part of an advanced search engine optimization plan. Domain names registration is the first step in getting on the web. 

Domain Name Registration

Provide domain name registration, low cost web hosting, web design, shopping carts, ssl certificates, merchant accounts for business - individual and assist them with web services.
Cheap, Low cost and affordable products like Domain Names with no contracts, Check out our services

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What is Web Hosting, can I use low cost web hosting?
Web hosting is like renting an apartment in a large building. You are renting a piece of space for your possessions from a larger piece of space that holds possessions for many others. In time, your possessions may grow to a size too big for your apartment. Then itís time to upgrade to a larger apartment. If you collect enough things eventually you will need your own building to keep all of your possessions. Essentially this is basically how web hosting works. You rent a piece of server space on a web hosting server that you share with several other websites and users. This is called a shared web hosting plan. As your website gets busy you may need to add new pages.

As time passes, the size of your website may become too large for the space you are renting. At that point you will need to upgrade to a larger shared web hosting plan. As your website continues to grow you will eventually choose an even larger web hosting plan. Eventually your website will grow to where you will need a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are entirely dedicated to your website. These dedicated servers are expensive and should not be needed for new website or small business sites. There are exceptions to this thought, one being if you are sure thousands of people will visit your site daily. Most website owners do not make it out of the shared server environment so donít worry.

So when starting out, start with a low cost web hosting plan and grow into larger plans as needed.  Our prices are cheap but our quality is outstanding. 

Come on and buy the low cost web hosting plan that is right for you.

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We are a reseller of various internet services such as Domain Names Registration, Web Hosting Plans, Build your own Website, Store Shopping Carts and More. Our service provider has a proven record of excellent web services that you can depend on.

With SMP Info Tech there are NO CONTRACTS. Just cheap prices so you can save.
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Purchase Low Cost Web Hosting Plans.
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Our firm provides business and individuals with quality low cost web hosting, cheap domain names registration, simple low cost web design, and cheap web page optimization. We have low cost web hosting for businesses. Our office is located in the Chicago Illinois suburbs.
In today's environment, emails are a fact of life. They provide a quick and easy way to communicate with customers, suppliers, co-workers, plus friends anywhere in the world. But there is nothing that can make you or your business look less professional than emails from a free email address.
Emails from will look more professional than
one from or

With our email plans you can use it and download your mail to email packages like outlook express, outlook and others. You can also use your accounts like web mail - check your email from Chicago, New York or anywhere in the world that you have web access. Come on in. Check our email plans. We also have cheap Email marketing plans for your mass mailing.

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Express Email Marketing shows you how to use email to your advantage and stay in touch with your customers. It offers all the tools you need to comply 100% with anti-spam laws.
The View Email Campaigns page provides you the campaign management tools that help you view, edit, copy, and remove your sent, scheduled, and draft campaign mailings. 
Express Email Marketing is an online service that connects you with your customers, members, and contacts through permission-based email marketing.

Gain new customers and keep current ones coming back with beautiful, full-color emails Ė no knowledge of HTML required! Built-in safeguards ensure your emails are legal and above-board all the way.

Shop for Cheap Email Marketing Plan.
Let us be your web hosting provider.
We offer all of the following services:
We have a cheap - affordable web hosting for your needs.
Some of our clients are located in the Chicago Illinois area.
Merchant Accounts - - - Cheap SSL Certificates - - - Shopping Carts
Build your own website software - - - and more.
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